Mailwizz + PowerMTA

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We will provide you a complete setup to send unlimited email campaigns* within a click to ease out your Marketing Strategy without any limitations like on MailChimp, Getresponce, etc.

We will configure the server with MailWizz and PMTA  and will also pass all authentications like SPF, dkim, dmarc, rDNS, etc.

Features on Detail:

  • Install MailWizz
  • Install PowerMTA
  • Mail Server Validations – DKIM, DMARC, SPF, MX, EHLO Implementation
  • Automatic managed IP-Rotation
  • Configuring Virtual-MTA
  • Set Hourly limits per IP
  • Define Bounce back emails
  • Define FeedBack Loops and complaints handling
  • MySQL + phpMyAdmin
  • Configure Web-Mail Box
  • Upload 1 Million spam traps email database
  • I will get 100% 10/10 from
  • Cron jobs for automatic handling
  • Free SSL certificate

*Email rate not based just on your server configuration , you need warmup your ip’s to get Unlimited or High-volume


IPs number

1, 2-4, 5-10, 11-50, up 50 ips

2 reviews for Mailwizz + PowerMTA

  1. Amrita Bail

    Very good work.
    I recommend it

  2. Pravin Sunder

    Good work and support
    Smtp is Working

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